Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random Fantasy

Tonight I had a fantasy. I was just sitting there, talking with my guy pals, and suddenly I just imagined myself, wearing nothing but black stiletto heels, on my back, with my two supermodel-toned legs spread in a wide V, sticking straight in the air. You were kissing my left ankle, and staring straight into my eyes. You softly kissed my ankle, then you moved your mouth lower, and kissed my lower calf, then the middle of my calf, then behind my knee, then four gentle kisses down my thigh. Then your lips brushed my outer lips, and I gasped. Then I arched my back as I felt your tongue, so gently, caress my opening and my clit, in one smooth motion, making my juices flow and my clit throb with yearning.

I can see you, your beautiful eyes, your beautiful lips, staring into my eyes with love and playfulness, as you gently kiss your way up my belly, pausing to lick my red-garnet bellybutton ring, which makes me giggle. You keep kissing your way up my taut, white stomach until you reach my ribs, right between my ample, ivory breasts. I know you want to play with them, they're so inviting. But you don't. You keep kissing your way up, in a straight line. I arch my neck as you kiss the hollow between my neck and my chest, then keep working your way up my slim, white throat.

You kiss my jaw line, my chin, and then you finally pause to enjoy my full, pink lips. Your lips gently brush mine, sending shivers up and down my whole body. Then you apply a little more pressure, and I can feel your wet lips gently moving along mine. You get more insistent and press your lips hungrily against mine, and now I can feel your naked cock pressing against my slit, begging to enter. Your tongue playfully flicks past my partly-open mouth, and I take it into my mouth hungrily, sucking it a little. I slide my tongue along the back of your front teeth. You like it, I can tell. And I love the feeling of your slim body gently lying on top of mine, your adorable hip bones pressing on mine. I brush my hands down your back, and you pull back, smile at me, and caress my cheek with your hand. I sigh and close my eyes for a moment.

Then I open them as I feel your hand brushing my inner thigh and ruffling my natural, curly, light brown mound of pubic hair. You begin to kiss your way back down again, over my throat, between my breasts (though this time you pause to suckle each nipple in turn, and run your hands over my perky, 36B breasts), down my stomach, past my bellybutton ring, and then I can feel your wet mouth against my wet pussy as you hungrily begin to eat me out. I moan and moan..."Yes, yes, yes" I groan as I arch my back and press my tight ass muscles into the air. Your tongue flicks up and down my slit, you kiss my inner and outer lips, and you drive me crazy. Then I hit the roof when your tongue gently presses against my bulging clit. You take that as a cue and begin to circle my clit with your tongue, sending wild sensations through my body. I cum, screaming your name.

When it has subsided, I smile and flip you over, and give you the same treatment. I kiss you all over, pausing to nibble your nipples (I know you love that) and suck on your neck. I bury my nose in your neck as I suck and gently nibble on a spot that you seem to like, on the left and near the bottom of your neck, near the collarbone. You moan "Ohhh yes," and dig your nails into my back as I suck harder and harder. Then I stop, and I smile as I think of how you'll have to wear shirts with collars for the next week. I reverently kiss the already-reddening mark, and then I kiss your lips, oh so gently. I can taste some of my pussy juices on your mouth, which turns me on. I can feel myself getting wet again. You pull me closer, and I can feel your insistent cock getting a bit impatient, as it throbs between my legs. I think I'd better give it some attention now, so I kiss my way back down, pausing again at your nipples to swirl my tongue around each one. I kiss your sexy stomach, and then I bury my face in your hair as I lean forward to lick the back of your balls, which elicits a groan from your lips. You cock is so big and hard, I can hardly wait to take it inside me, but not yet.

I lick and kiss the back of your balls, curling my tongue around them, loving their taste and cool, smooth texture. Then I move my tongue up to the base of your cock, and I lick it from the base to the tip, leaving a trail of my saliva along the way. I curl my tongue around as much of your thick cock as I can, and with my head turned sideways like that, I move my tongue up and down your cock. You seem to like this new sensation...I can see your ass muscles tightening. Which reminds me...

I work one of my hands to your backside, and gently press the area just above your asshole, which elicits another "Ohh yes" from you. You love that spot, I know it. I lick the rim of your cock, savoring its taste, and deliciously thinking what I'd like to do with your tool, while it's that big and hard. My pussy gets a little wetter. I take the tip of your cock into my mouth and suck it, hard, letting my tongue flick across the tip crazily. I move my wet lips up and down your shaft as I take more and more of you into my mouth, licking you inside my mouth. When I get to the point where I can't take any more of you into my mouth, I grasp the base of your cock with my hand and squeeze it, hard, while I rub up and down with my mouth.

I can feel you're getting ready to cum. So I stop, raise my body up, and lower myself down so my pussy is just over your upright cock. I rub your cock around in my pussy juices, exciting my clit and bringing more juices flowing from my cunt. Your eyes plead with me, beg me to thrust myself down on you, to take you deep inside me, so I oblige. I slowly take your tip inside, then I sit down HARD on you, taking the rest of you into my tight pussy. I moan, it feels to good to be filled with your big, hot cock. You sit up and hold me. I dig my fingernails into your back, and make you moan with pleasure, and you lie back down. I begin to pump up and down on your big dick, squeezing you from the inside whenever I'm all the way down. I move myself up so high, less than an inch of you is inside me, pause for a moment to tease you, and then I slam myself down as hard as I can.

You reach up and grab handfuls of my breasts. My nipples are taut, eager little buds, and you tweak them with your fingers as I keep taking you deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. I reach down and rub my clitoris as I keep impaling myself on your huge, thick cock, feeling its velvety texture inside me and loving the intimate feeling of skin-on-skin. As I play with my clit, I can feel another orgasm building inside me. My sex begins to tingle, and then the rest of be begins to tingle, and suddenly my whole body is seized with a huge, gripping orgasm. I arch my body backwards, moan, and gasp. I catch myself with my hand behind me, giving you a great view of my arched back, with my pert breasts sitting on top. The gorgeous view and the convulsions of my muscles around your cock bring you to a breathless climax before I'm even finished with mine, sending shudders through your body and sending hot cum deep inside me. I moan with pleasure, and, unable to hold myself up with my arm anymore, I lean forward again, bend over you, and kiss you softly while you're still inside me.

We gaze lovingly into each other's eyes and hold each other, tenderly kissing, as we both come down off our wild ride. And then I open my eyes and see that my friends are staring at me funny, and I realize I've had my eyes closed and a goofy smile on my face for the last few minutes. I'm wet, too, but luckily they can't tell. "I, uh, was just thinking about something happy," I explain.

"I'll bet you were," my pal Chris says with a wink. I blush a little, and we go back to talking about Star Wars.